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Wet Chemical System
[Wet Chemical System]

Wet Chemical System

  1. Heat sensing detectors located over appliances and in duct/plenum areas monitor ambient cooking temperature.
  2. When a hostile fire occurs and the temperature rating of the detector is exceeded, the thermostat fractures and triggers a mechanical activation of the control head, releasing the agent from the pressurized cylinder.
  3. Immediateky, Pyro-Chem's highly concentrated liquid fire extinguishing agent, stored in a D.O.T. rated steel cylinder, flows through distribution piping dedicated to applicance, duct and plenum areas.
  4. Pre-engineered piping networks installed in accordance with UL Listed parameters effectively and efficiently distribute extinguishing agent through the nozzles.
  5. Pyro-Chem's proprietary nozzles with customized discharge patterns developed specifically for each appliance, direct the agent accurately to ensure rapid fire suppression.
  6. A remote pull station provides a dedicated, independent means of activating the system.
  7. Auxiliary output functions provide a sure means to turn off electrical appliances and interrupt the flow of cooking gas.
  8. The fire extinguishing agent container and mechanical control head can be wall mounted to UL Listed mounting bracket or in optional stainless steel enclosure.

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